Team Chase: Jared Brannon “Growing closer together city by city.”

Well I know for a fact now that Team Chase is the best group that has ever come through YHM. It is crazy how 5 people who didn’t know anything about each other 5 months ago are now on a different continent and we are getting along great and growing closer and closer by the day. Just shows how God’s plan never disappoints. He put us together for a purpose and he is fulfilling the purpose by allowing us to be a light in Europe. I love my group and wouldn’t trade them for the world.

But we are officially done with 4 cities now. We just conquered Munich and Vienna in our most recent adventures. Munich was the city I planned so I was a little nervous that I would get us lost or wouldn’t know what to do. But I would say that the city was a success! We got to go to the Dachau Concentration Camp. Which was absolutely mind boggling that something like that happened and that people let it happen. It was just crazy to know that you were walking where men, women, and children were tortured, starved and beaten to death. On the bright side though the next day we went to the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle. It is the castle that the Disney World castle is based off of. It was gorgeous and another little perk was that it snowed while we were up there (I love snow). Overall Munich was one of my favorite cities we have been to. We got to meet two girls that Sam and Jess were rooming with. They were terrific people and I loved getting to hangout with them for 3 days. Chase, Josh, and myself got the three amigos as our roommates. At first I was kind of disappointed because I was thinking we were going to get these really cool guys, instead we got 3 guys from Brazil. But I really had to pray and remember the reason we are here and that is to give light and hope for the lost. And it is awesome to see how God used them for my benefit and to help me grow more. Turns out they were awesome and we had a blast with them!

Next city we went to was Vienna, Austria. This city was beautiful and clean. It had the old gothic style churches and buildings. It was great to see the history of this city. I would venture to say this city was more for the girls than the guys. So us guys really just had guy time the 3 days we were here. We ate a lot so that always makes for a fun time. But the last night was the best night to me, we went to, I guess you could call it, a fair and we rode the ferris wheel and it was hilarious to see how the entire team was scared of being that high up. Then we rode this roller coaster and it was kind of like the superman in Six Flags, but it was a blast, a little rough but fun. This city was a blast.

God has been showing me a lot this trip and showing me some stuff I usually don’t want to hear but it is great to hear God speaking to me. Lately my spiritual life has been I guess you could call it stagnant and not really there. But it was just awesome to see him change my heart and really change the way I look at things. I always would say, I don’t have time to pray, don’t have time to read, I have more important things than to do those things. But really what could be more important than spending time with the one person in this world whose love is never ending, always faithful, died for me to give me a life that I do not deserve at all. I desire to worship him, I desire to read his word, I desire to talk to him every chance I get. So I pray and I would love if you could pray that God will keep my head straight the rest of this trip and really the rest of my life that I will keep the burning desire to strengthen my relationship with Jesus everyday.  Love you guys.

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  • MomPhillips says:


    Thank you for the posts, it is great to be able to follow Team Chase and see what God is doing in your life during this trip. I am so glad you all are growing closer and really watching out for each other; it makes it easier on a mom across the ocean :)

    It is so easy to let life take control and get away from spending personal time with God. I am so glad you have been able to renew that relationship and desire. I will be praying for you and the team to grow closer to each other and to God.

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