Team Kristen

Team Kristen

Team Dakota

Team Dakota

Team Kalia

Team DJ

Team DJ


TEAM KALIA: Drew Meanor – Time is Precious

My mind is racing. I am sitting here in my living room wondering where the time went!…


TEAM DAKOTA: Rivers Brunson – Final Thoughts

Youth Hostel Missions was the trip of a lifetime. Never again will I have the opportunity to…


TEAM DAKOTA: Rivers Brunson – It’s the Little Things

  The point of Youth Hostel Missions is to backpack through Europe while forming relationships in youth…


TEAM DAKOTA: Laura Vinzant – Rome

While in Rome I was able to hang out with my friend Rachel Lucas. Rachel and I…


TEAM KRISTEN: Becca Sales – Saying goodbye

On this trip, we have met so many great people from our first city to our last…


TEAM KRISTEN: Nick Hampton – Power Nap

I wake up and realize the sun has fallen beneath the Salzburg horizon and ended our 10th…


TEAM KRISTEN: Becca Sales – Anything that can go wrong…. will.

Murphy’s law is that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. That was definitely the case…


TEAM KRISTEN: Elijah Gibson – There’s only “See you later”

There’s Only “See You Later” As we take our final train from Amsterdam to Paris I have…

TEAM KALIA: Rebecca Wynne – No different

The longer I am in Europe, the more I realize Europe is no different than America. Sure,…

TEAM DAKOTA: Laura Vinzant – What I’ve Learned

I have learned much from this trip in Europe, more than what I ever thought I would…

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